Hollywood Treats Women Actors Like "Performing Monkeys": Salma Hayek

Hollywood treats women actors like
Salma Hayek laid into sexism on Tuesday, saying Hollywood treats on-screen characters like performing monkeys and needs to be freed of them once they understand they are savvy. 

The star of Frida and Desperado thrashed the "macho" dispositions of Tinseltown, where less than 7% of movies are made by ladies. "Hollywood is not going to change since it is all folks," she said. 

Amid a discussion at the Cannes Film Festival, she stated, "From the earliest starting point, I understood I wasn't being dealt with similarly. Possibly on the off chance that you are pretty you can get parts less demanding however it's truly savage to accept in case you're lovely, you're inept. In the event that Hollywood understands that you're brilliant, their outrage gets increased." 

Hayek asserted, "To numerous, youthful performing artists are toys, they say 'Get a monkey' and after that the monkey talks and they say, 'Goodness my God, perhaps we will profit.' Then one day, they see the monkey doing variable based math and say, 'Kill the monkey'," she said. "That is the reason we have an issue with ladies behind the camera as executives and makers." 

Hayek's informed that her trip through Hollywood was difficult, she included, "Envision I came as a lady as well as a Mexican-Arab. Individuals would snicker at me, I was the main Mexican or Latino in show school with the exception of Benicio Del Toro, who is Puerto Rican, so sort of American, and he's a man. No one giggled at him. They were snickering at me in Mexico as well, to try to break into Hollywood." 

She stated, "Hollywood had ignored and disregarded ladies. They haven't understood ladies are an awesome financial power, they're an enormous gathering of people. We have been disregarded for so long they don't realize what we need to watch, we don't know since we generally consider who we will watch the motion picture with – the spouse, the family, the kids." 

"Today, 80% of the leaders of what motion picture or network shows to watch are female. Ladies work, profit and need to have a fabulous time yet they have not gained by that," the whiz reprimanded motion picture officials for neglecting to play to the female statistic.

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